I’ll never forget this trip ad of course there will be more time spent in the wonderful #newyorkcity. And I quote “it is as overrated as it is dope”
I had an amazing time with a friend & company. Inebriated throughout the day!!! and it made it even more #wavey than any trip I took. Thanks @benjifrankk for ridi along. To my fellow geniuses @the_renaissance_man_ @sheively thank you again for the time shared. I will see you next time @akingscloset We’re in dire need of a conversation.
Thoughts of a mind that #neversleeps like the city. #citylove (at New York City)
Gleaming message at the time 
#paperfactory hotel
You’re not man, you’re just a #mannequin 
Fell deeply in love with this place 
#rootstein #displaymannequins #nyc (at Rootstein Display Mannequins)
Caught up with the one #cutfromadifferentcloth 
Thanks for showing me around @the_renaissance_man_ 
If this town is just an #apple then let me take a bite